Online Strategy: A New Take on the Game of Risk

If you are a cartography buff, or really dig on some good old strategy gaming, then this game is for you. Like a new take on the classic board game Risk, the gaming site Major Command is quickly attracting a rabid fan-base of map hungry strategists from around the world. Their mission? Conquering the world by dominating their enemies.

The Cosby Sweater Project

With eight seasons of wholesome family entertainment, The Cosby Show, remained in the Top 5 TV shows for 7 years and never dropped below the Top 20 the entire time it was on the air. Bill Cosby’s magnetic charm kept viewers tuning in every week and for years to come in syndication.

Crazy Imaginative Photo Manipulations

When it comes to extreme manipulation of photographs, few can do it with more style than Dan Escobar. His photography, combined with a deft hand in Photoshop create some of the more imaginative compositions we’ve seen… from submarines rising out of backyard swimming pools, to Sasquatch swiping the wheels on an RV and sharks occupying living rooms, Dan can do it all.

Night Flight: The Illustrations of Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator living in Sigtuna, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. When you first happen upon his phenomenal illustrations your eyeballs practically explode with wonderment and excitement — everything else of his is awesome too. This astoundingly detailed cockpit illustration reminds us of what it was like to be a kid, playing with our Star Wars action figures while pretending to know what it’s like to man the controls of the Millennium Falcon and have a Wookie as our best friend.

A Visual Travel Destination: Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is a fairly large country in the world and there are many interesting places to visit. Bordering the United States, many Americans come down to spend a weekend, week or just a night in this country so rich in culture. Many come to cruise familiar coastal cities such as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, but there is a place that many do not know about unless they are already there. That place is called Tulum!

VISUAL BITS #159 > People as Pixels

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Seattle: A city that promotes public art

Where is the art in American cities today? New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles…Yes, these cities have had established art scenes for years. Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix? Maybe not so much.

Some cities encourage art within their cities, and some cities, well, just don’t care enough. I mean when you can spend your budget on other civil projects such as transportation, buildings and commerce, why fund art projects?

The “LowLine”– New York’s Proposed Underground Park

How do you transform a 60-yr old underground Trolley Terminal into an underground park complete with growing vegetation?
Dan Barasch and James Ramsey want to use fiber optic cables to reflect surface sunlight underground. The result will be a first ever of its kind park lying under Delancey street, in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

VISUAL BITS #158 > OMG! What’s in Your Food?

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Stain Portraits

When I watch the amazing YouTube video of artist and architect Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname “Red”, creating a giant portrait with coffee, I feel humbled. This woman possesses a unique and startling talent. To see Red’s focus as she carefully places the mug dipped in coffee space by space, ring by ring on the paper is astounding.