Leaves of Locks

Did you ever wonder what to do with that ball of hair that collects in your bathroom drain? Why not weave each strand into beautiful leaves? Jenine Shereos has created a series of incredibly realistic leaves by wrapping and knotting strands of human hair together by hand.

Aliens Among Us

Since the beginning of civilization, people have looked out to the sky wondering if there could be anything else like us out there. Scientists, novelists, and filmmakers have hypothesized what these creatures might look like and now artist Francisco Sambo presents his interpretation in his Aliens Collection.

Classic Beauties Get A Shocking Photoshop Treatment

“What would have happened if the aesthetic standard of our society had belonged to the collective unconscious of the great artists of the past?” So asks Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano in her Venus project, which re-imagines classic artistic depictions of Venus with a modern and extreme Photoshop makeover. What begin as mostly Rubenesque beauties are transformed into busty, slim-waisted figures more closely matching the ideals we are bombarded with today.

Who’s the Real Chewbacca? The Actors Behind The Mask


Who are the mysterious actors underneath the masks of our favorite movie and TV characters? When an elaborate costume like Chewbacca’s is featured on the big screen, that image will reserve a spot in our memories, but what about the person behind it all? Don’t they deserve some acknowledgement as well? Without these talented and animated actors the characters wouldn’t be nearly as memorable or amusing. Let’s pay tribute to the talent behind the mask.

Modern Faceted Vases Crafted by Hand-Built Machine

These extremely beautiful, trendy and modern vases look so perfectly crafted it doesn’t seem like they could be hand-made, but in fact, each is a unique creation made on a purpose-built machine. Faceted designs are hugely popular right now, and these designs bring the form into being in an elegant, colorful and current fashion worthy of complimenting any modern interior.

Naturally Forming Furniture with Gravity and Magnets

These wild stools may look like mushrooms from another dimension, yet they actually find their unique shape from the cooperating earthly forces of magnetism and gravity. Created by Dutch artist Jólan van der Wiel, his Gravity Stools have just won him a 1st Prize Interior Innovation Award for Young Talent from imm Cologne.

Revolutionary Art With LOLs

Shawn Huckins’ newest paintings are entitled the American Revolution Revolution: What Would George Post? Huckins had the bright idea of using 18th century painting and portraiture to make social observations of our newest (and most profound) lexicons of the digital age. No one has ever LOL’d so hard they ended up ROFL at a portrait of George Washington, but Huckins knows how to get it out of us. With his paintings, Huckins seeks to question the advancement of technology, and ask if it has truly helped or hurt our way of communicating.

Liquid Photos By Super Dad

It’s a bird…It’s a plane… It’s Super Dad! Looking at the amazing photo above of Superman in a drop of water, you would think that it was taken by someone who studied photography for most of his/her life, but in fact, Markus Reugels picked up this hobby (on the side of his full-time parquet laying job) just three years ago.

Dive Into the Viddy Pool with T-Pain & Bill Cosby

The Viddy community has been growing exponentially since its launch early last year- with over 40 million views last month alone. Viddy is an iPhone/iPad app (coming to Android this Summer!) that allows you to post and watch 15 second video clips.

The Color Run Turns You into a Human Canvas

A regular long distance race is great for athletes who like to compete or community members who want to support a cause, but the Color Run takes the sport to a whole new level of fun. Runners begin the 5km race clean, ideally wearing all white so they’re like a raw canvas begging to be splattered with fun hues and designs. At the first kilometer, participants are splattered in highlighter yellow. At the second, they’re doused in Caribbean blue, followed by green at the third km, hot pink at the fourth, and a “Color Extravaganza” at the 5km finish line.