How Do You Spot a Tumblr User?

Tumblr is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms on the internet, with nearly 43 million blogs and counting, reblogging animated gifs and feminist Ryan Gosling memes have never been so popular. Tumblr is an interesting ecosystem, with a large part of it looking as if it was designed for 15 year old kids who sneeze glitter while needing everything cool and hip under the sun… and while this sounds pretty great, it isn’t exactly what the community of Tumblr looks like down deep.

There are a few ways to spot Tumblr users. Minimal expression lines are a key factor to look for, since users are more inclined to use animated gifs to convey emotions than writing. They’re also constantly checking their mobile phone at diners, bars and restaurants (when they’re surrounded by a full table of people) to see if people have ‘liked’ or ‘reblogged’ their content since it was uploaded five minutes ago. When asked about their follower count, the smug look on their face let’s you know they’ve surpassed 1,000 followers, and will now refer to themselves as “Tumblr famous” for the rest of your conversation together.

To help you spot Tumblr users in the wild, check out the full-sized version of the guide below:

via: Flowtown

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