Switcheroo: Couples Exchange Their Entire Outfits

In our relationships it’s not too uncommon to borrow a t-shirt, some socks or a warm hat from a lover… but what about entirely switching outfits? This entertaining and thought provoking series by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut does just that, encouraging couples to completely exchange their clothing with each other. The resulting diptychs are sometimes funny, while also having the effect of making one re-analyze both their views on fashion and on sexual identity.

How interesting is it, for example, that many of the women look completely at home in their male counterparts clothing, while the men often look ridiculous by societies standards? One could conclude that while we have come a long way in accepting many forms of stylistic expression from woman, men often have much stricter social norms to follow when it comes to fashion.

Hana is a self-taught photographer raised in Whistler and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. She says her main focus in photography is “the ‘little moments’ that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured,” while also hoping to inspire more people to take photographs in their everyday life. You can see more of her work, including additional images in this series, on her website sincerelyhana.com. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Via: brekend.nl

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  1. Catherine Wright

    Women wearing men’s clothing are taking on maleness as symbols of strength, power, “ok-ness”: it’s an easy place to go to – some would even say empowering for women

    Men in women’s clothing are ridiculous because women are low status. The laugh comes from our reaction to a high status person choosing to lower their status – it is ridiculous! Women’s clothing is also tighter & more cutaway than men’s showing their bodies in unusual ways. This also gets a reaction.

    The project illustrates this idea brilliantly.

  2. GentlyFeral

    Maybe my “walk near, but not on, the wild side” of the past decade or so has sunk into my bones: but I think most of these men actually look better in their girlfriends’ clothes.

  3. Lyss

    Holy smokes… I was floored by the first comment! That is so ridiculous I can’t event sputter in amazement. Women are in no way inferior to men. They look silly because they are different than our culture. We make think what other people wear in different cultures wear looks silly, for example, this photo of arabic men: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=arabic+men+&view=detail&id=6CCA1FCDAF3D32FC3FC3FCC95188D4627C9E20C9&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR

    or the traditional wear of scottish men. Other cultures may marvel at our clothes as well, but the fact is it is of cultural reasons that we as men and women dress the way we do, not of sexual power.

    Secondly, they look funny because those clothes were made for womens bodies, to enhance the natural shape. A woman is not empowered by a shapeless frock, nor by wearing pants 3 inches too baggy in the nether-regions, as they would be made for a mans. I see many men in tight cothing made to show off their muscles, and many women in loose clothing made to be flowing and light, but still for their bodies.

    Your way of thought is so wrong-wound I can’t even begin to unravel it. Just know that the world has moved on since the 1800’s. Please join us up here in the future, where people are not needlessly discriminated against for reasons they can’t control.

  4. Kay

    Lyss, you need to have your critical thinking skills examined! Catherine was not saying she believes women to be inferior, but that the reason men feel silly in women’s clothes is because for them, it is taking on a lower status, in some overall social sense. I do agree that the clothes look silly when they don’t fit right, but do you think the average man would wear a dress even if it was cut for his body type?

    Have you ever met a man who wouldn’t be offended by being called effeminate? But for a woman to be called masculine is far less insulting. Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest -but maybe that’s because women are not so sensitive about their gender as men! For some reason, men need to constantly affirm their gender by scratching their balls or calling each other “bro,” “dude” or “man.’

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