Brazilian Suburb Gets Perspective Typography Murals

Madrid Spain based artist collective Boa Mistura recently gave a small corner of Brazil one very colorful and meaningful typographic makeover. Working with the inhabitants, including the children of Brasilândia Vila, a poor suburb on the outskirts of São Paulo, the team took the narrow streets and covered them with vibrent, colorful paint, leaving only the beautiful words beleza, amor, doçura, firmeza and orgulho (beauty, love, sweetness, firmness and pride) painted on the walls. The bold white typography is drawn in perspective down the narrow corridors, revealing itself to passerby for only a moment as they walk past the one location where the lines merge into the form of words.

The project, made just this year, was supported by the Embassy of Spain in Brazil and sponsored by Singapore Airlines and Montana Colors. The project goes a long way to show the difference art and design can make in the lives of people, especially those whos lives are so infrequently filled with them. Not only do we witness the joyous smiles on the faces of children participating the murals creation, it seems it would be impossible not to be at first shocked, and then inspired by the message as you encountered it around a corner.

Above: Beauty

Below: Sweetness

Below: Firmness

Below: Pride

Below: Love


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  1. 456

    it’s ok to paint stuff on poor people’s mothers’ homes that you would not be able to paint on your own mother’s home. weird, no?

  2. Leota Tsunami

    I hope the bright colors don’t cause accidents are migraines lol But nevertheles, it is art and it is VERY cool. Love how the artist had local kids help. Hope it creates inspiration and is something that not only brightens the local town literally, but brings them some sort of happiness when they walk down the painted stairways :) A smile goes a long way. WELL DONE!

  3. Andrea Dalziel

    Having visited a Favela I think this is a fantastic idea. I would also like to say that you may consider these places ghettos or slums, but lots of the people who live in them work in the towns, the Favelas have supermarkets, ATM’s and many other facilities that slums and ghettos do not.
    I think that people who are lucky enough not to have to live in a Favela should not judge the people who do.

    Great job! Well done.

  4. Gee

    I23 and 456 how ignorant you are! I agree with Andrea “I think that people who are lucky enough not to have to live in a Favela should not judge the people who do.”

    What a beautiful, colourful and creative typograhical project. Love the colours used – so vibrant! Congratulations :-)

  5. HowardG

    123 : how utterly condescending and patronising of you!

    The definition of …
    sub·urb –    /ˈsʌbɜrb/ Show Spelled[suhb-urb] Show IPA
    noun 1. a district lying immediately outside a city or town, especially a smaller residential community.

    There is so much more COMMUNITY here than obviously you can imagine or understand. Have you been to Rocinha, Vidigal, Dharavi? What have you contributed to alleviating such problems as the residents endure?

  6. HowardG

    This brilliant idea and execution brings perspective, literally and creatively, engagement,c omunity, expression, colour, possibilities and enhanced social life to this community.

    An exceptional idea!

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