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To See What Remains: Haunting Images of the Past

Saturday 02.18.2012 , Posted by

Described as a “conceptual documentary photographer, Irish-born, David Creedon, offers the world a haunting and unique view into the effects of the massive emigration from Ireland between 1949 and 1989 in his dramatic photographic collection, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed. Depicted in these evocative photographs are the dilapidated homes and possessions left behind by many Irish emigrants. The 1950s saw the majority of the departure of these Irish, who were in desperate poverty from their homeland. Like the homes left behind, often one family member would remain to care for the elderly and maintain the farms. Now long passed away, those who stayed behind, have left pieces of themselves and glimpses of their lives in the crumbling ruins of their long abandoned homes.

By examining these photographs, those of us untouched by this long ago time, can almost feel the seclusion and isolation of the family members who did not emigrate and see the decaying remains from those who forsook their country for opportunities elsewhere. In Creedon’s words “these people have passed on and their homes stand as a monument to a bygone age.”

You can watch a video of David Creedon’s haunting images of the past after the jump or on Vimeo, and he can be contacted via email.

Ghosts of the Faithful Departed from David Creedon Photography on Vimeo.

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