Talk to Your Kids About Art

This is your brain on art. Michigan-based agency Team Detroit came up with a hilarious print ad campaign that satirizes the “Talk to your kids about drugs” movement. The ads were designed for College for Creative Studies, also in Detroit, Michigan. The parallels are quite intriguing since for many people art is a drug and for many parents art school is a disappointment. The ads were designed as posters to place around the city, but since they were so entertaining, they reached a much larger audience when people started sharing them on the internet. Without art school, we wouldn’t have much to post on VisualNews, so we are definitely excited to see that these ads have extended beyond Detroit.


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  • This is awesome! Parents should definitely talk about art with their kids!!
    Somewhere I read, the earth without art is just ‘eh’!!!

    Do stop by and see what our little sketchers across the globe are up to!

    Warm Regards,

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