Strings Are Stronger than Guns

Masoud Bwisri has become a star in Libya since the start of the revolution last year. As the protests turned into a fight for freedom, Bwisri marched on the front lines with his guitar side by side with machine guns and rocket launchers. A year after the start of this revolution, fears of what the future holds are in the forefront of public concern. Bwisri believes that the revolution has brought guns instead of peace as militias have not turned over their guns and in many cases have more control than the National Transition Council (NTC). “Music brings peace. Machine guns cannot bring peace. Strings, for me,” said Bwisri, “are stronger than guns.”

Unfortunately civil war is not an easy linear process for change. The Libyans courageous fight for freedom is now one year in the making and is far from over. While the citizens of Libya are enjoying new freedoms like the ability to publicly speak their mind, it has come at the cost of an uncertain future at the hands of the armed militias that helped to free the country from Gadhafi’s rule. The true paradox for many of these freedom fighters is that they fear their disarmament may lead to the NTC using its power to build a future that is not in line with the wishes of the people, but laying down their weapons is the only way to a peaceful future.

While the sum of the violent battle to overthrow Gadhafi will likely lead to a better future, uncertain times are what mark this first anniversary. It has not stopped widespread celebrations across the country. Fireworks, entertainment and gatherings in city squares across Libya show the country’s enthusiasm for the future. With their fingers in the shape of a V for victory, widespread joy blankets a country stepping into a whole new world after 42 year under a tyrannical dictatorship. Below are some photos of the celebrations.

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Stay tuned to see more. We have 3 more articles about the anniversary on the way.

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