Superhero Mathematics 101

Okay kids, get excited, because it’s time for an elementary mathematics lesson in superheros! What do you get when you take one man and subtract his heart? Italian graphic designer Matt Cowan’s clever illustrations say the answer is non-other than Tony Stark, aka Ironman. Okay, how about if you take one woman and add some of natures fury? Answer: the X-Men’s nature controlling heroine, Storm.

Cowan’s great collection over at Deviant Art uses some simple math to understand a huge collection of very famous heros… and some that you might have trouble identifying unless you’re a seriously devout comic or movie buff. Each hero gets matched up with a non-hero representation of themselves, then by adding or subtracting some element of “super-ness,” the character is transformed into their famous selves. Yeah, the math is a little fuzzy here and there, but this game of identification is still as addicting as Joker’s love for a good laugh.

Many of the mathematical equation designs are available in T-shirt form through Cowan’s MJC Tees storefront at, where shirts are going for £10.50. You can get more of your mathematical lesson at his Deviant Art page here.


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