Melting Wood: Surreal Hand-Carved Picture Frames

It’s hard not to see the heavy influence of Salvador Dali in these incredibly perfect melting picture frames. Part of the Duramen series of one-off handmade wooden sculptures, the impossible looking pieces of oak, fir and pear were created with the intention of breaking with the conventional ways of exhibiting… and they certainly do, turning the frame itself into the work of art. The contrasting pieces of wood seem to transform the hard material, breaking down its structure into something smooth, flowing and malleable. Created by the french multi-media creative agency Bonsoir Paris, the pieces walk a fine line between the deformed and the elegant, never crossing completely to the other side… and that’s just how they’re intended.

Each unique piece is carefully planned, as you can see from the accompanying line drawings. Afterward, the design is almost exactly replicated in contrasting pieces of wood, delicately carved into drooping, looping, dripping forms that appear to be in a slow motion collapse towards the floor.

Bonsoir Paris was founded in early 2010 by Remy Clémente and Morgan Maccari, after studying at Duperré and at the Gobelins. Thus far they have been busy working for fashion editorials and event agencies, mostly working in 2D design until their latest forays into 3D; this project being their newest and most ambitious. This uniquely diverse set of abilities has allowed the Bonsoir Paris crew to work between Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design, giving them a versatility unlike many other agencies. You can see their latest works at

Above and below: Polished oak on sanded fir

Below: Glossy Wenge

Below: Polished Linden on Hammered Pear


Benjamin Starr

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