US Interstate Highways as a Subway Map

As for useful readability, there are few examples that do it better than the iconic London Underground Map. Instead of placing stations in there actual location, or depicting the real path of underground trains, the maps simply cuts to the chase illustrating where people need to connect to their next train. Designer Cameron Booth has recently updated his wonderful US Interstate Highway map which uses the same smart design language to create a highly attractive and useful map.

The map mirrors the London Undergrounds color-coded routes with 45-degree angled lines, curved corners and circular route waypoints, along with the maps overall simplified geography. Booth has done much improving on his new version of the map, rechecking route sources, waypoints and terminus’. The entire map has been cleaned up with refined design intended to both improve readability and more closely match its London based counterpart, placing a focus on the interstate connections over a city’s size or importance. Booth even created a new roundel logo for the map, one that playfully echos that of the London map while not being a derivative of it.

Happily prints of the design are now back on the market. The 36 by 24 inch poster goes for $39 + $10 postage and is printed on 250gsm Red River Aurora Fine Art White 100% cotton rag paper. Navigate your way over to to put this fresh new copy on your wall.

Click here or the image below for a full-sized view:


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