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Re-Directed Paintings Turn Ordinary to Extraoridnary

Friday 02.03.2012 , Posted by

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…once David Irvine gets a hold of it. Irvine, a visual artist from Canada, collects framed paintings from thrift shops, garage sales, and front curbs and paints over them with his twisted, hilarious style. What some may see as a crappy 70‘s winter landscape, David sees as the perfect stage for an Octopus finger puppet show. A tree in the woods? Why not revamp it with some inebriated Disney characters and toilet paper? David’s creative upgrades add vibrance and fun to some of the most dull paintings. When making a re-directed masterpiece, David makes it a rule to never cover up the original artist’s name.

See more of David’s amazing recycled art- including eerie lightbulb ornaments, lid and bottle top art, and eye-ball furniture- on Flickr and Facebook.

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Written by Paul Caridad

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