Republicans vs. Democrats: Who Rallies for Science?

For years, science has helped humans make sense of the world around them. In their endless toil to understand our world, scientists have come up with simple innovations to make life easier, complex ones to get us from point A to B, insanely advanced discoveries which have led to putting a man on the moon, and miraculous ones that have saved humanity from previously incurable diseases. However, not everyone is convinced of the value that science brings to humanity.

Funds for research and development are at the forefront of this election year, and the question that continually arises is: should the government invest more in science, or should funding be cut in an effort to reduce the federal budget? The answer is a difficult one. With the space shuttle program closing down last year, the hope is that privately funded endeavors will bring more competition and further space exploration. Richard Branson loves this plan, but what about the scientists who look to lose funding from this deal? Some discoveries are made without millions of dollars in funding, but the money still needs to be there. Check out this infographic created by Assay Depot to find out which political party supports science the most, from a monetary perspective.

Click here or the graphic below for a full-sized view:

via: Assay Depot


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