Organizing Everyday Disarray

What do you get when you give a bowl of fruit salad to a guy with OCD? This would be Ursus Wehrli’s interpretation. The Swiss comedian and artist began his career of visually tidying up a few years ago. He noticed a messy pile of red squares in American Artist Donald Baechler’s abstract art and was inspired to recreate the image with the squares stacked up neatly. This comedic alteration of modern art lead to many others which he compiled in his first book Tidying Up Art.

But he didn’t stop there… Now Wehrli is extending his meticulous tidiness to everyday objects- like alphabet soup, sandboxes, and parking lots- to create another priceless collection. The pictures are for his second book, The Art of Cleanup, which will be coming out soon. Stay tuned after the jump to see a video clip of the artist in action- assembling a spick- and-span pool scene. I wonder if his home is as neat and tidy as his artwork.

Check out Wehrli’s website, buy his first book on Amazon, and be sure to watch his hilarious TEDtalk where he explains his immaculate collection.

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