Can Your Pizza Delivery Guy Do This?

When I think of self portrait photos, duck lips and kissy-faces taken at an arms length for a Facebook profile pic usually come to mind. How refreshing it was to see Kyle Thompson’s unique, dreamlike collection of auto-photography that is unlike most of the self-taken photos out there. When looking at his surreal shots, it is hard to believe that he took them without any assistance- using just a tripod and self-timer; most of the collection was shot through a Canon 18-135mm IS lens. On the topic of why 90% of his photos are self-portraits, the 19 year-old artist explains, “I’m not conceited or anything at all, I’m just awkward and available for my own photos”. Kyle Thompson has a dark, playful style and his timing and exposure is impeccable. When not taking phantasmagorical photos of himself, Thompson delivers pizzas for Papa John’s. I think Papa John himself should give this Reddit Star, with over 90,000 visits and countless re-blogs, a BONUS! Let’s tell them! Send them a tweet.

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