Re-creating Kodak Moments

We all have at least one special vintage photo from our past that brings a smile to our faces every time we look at it. Whether it’s the one your mother brings out to embarrass you when you introduce her to a new friend or the one you keep in a frame to remind you of a time of innocence and whimsy, there is something so powerful about a retro photo. An old school snapshot can speak volumes about the time period and even who a person was at that time. Buenos Aires- based photographer Irina Werning has made a career out of re-creating those “Kodak moments”.

Early last year Werning became an overnight internet sensation with her first collection, so much so that she was asked to do a shoot of NFL players for ESPN magazine last June, and now she is back with an even more amazing collection: “Back to the Future 2”. When asked how she chooses which photos to recreate, she says, “it’s either a picture that really strikes me visually or … a picture that speaks about the person, or has some gesture that I want to re-create in that person — that I think I can bring back to life. It’s quite instant when I fall in love with a picture.” Werning’s attention to detail is truly impeccable- from image quality to props, expressions, and color balance. Her photographs are like identical carbon copies decades later.

To see the rest of Irina’s collection, check out her gallery:

Above: Fer 1981 & 2011 Buenos Aires. Below: Andy 1964 & 2011 Los Angeles

Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London:

Lea B 1980 & 2011 Paris:

Johannes 1994 & 2011 Hambourg:

Juan Carlos 1982 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Daphne 1986 & 2011 Paris:

The Zurbanos 1999 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Sonia y Laurita 1998 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Carli 1990 & 2011 Buenos Aires: 

Patrick B 1982 & 2011 Berlin:

Giorgio 1982 & 2011 Paris:

Sole 1988 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Maria Jose 1983 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Devoto brothers 1990 & 2011 Buenos Aires:

Christoph 1990 & 2011 Berlin Wall

Behind The Scenes And ‘Back To The Future’ With Photographer Irina Werning

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