Simply Clever: Beautifully Minimalist Graphic Design

Sometimes the very best designs are those that strip away all that is unnecessary, all fluffy decoration, and leave us with a simple message that speaks to the human condition. Christopher David Ryan’s (aka CDR) work does just that. He creates beautiful, simple graphic designs embedded with cleverly thought out meaning, whether that be something about love, or simply a deep appreciation for vinyl based music… and that’s just what CDR’s work emphasizes: in his words “music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena.”


It’s no surprise from the quality of this work, but major players across multiple industries have taken notice of CDR’s work. He’s done commissioned work for Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Element Skateboards, Graniph, The New York Times Magazine, Obedient Sons and others. In keeping with his prolific nature he’s also done a number of intriguing personal projects, like drawing daydreaming ‘Sleepyheads‘ he sees in life around him and making books and even pillows out of the sketches. For the complete rundown on what CDR is up to… he has a load of sites… check out his portal at


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