SOPA/PIPA Defeated? A Matrix of Senator Positions

Wow! It was just Wednesday that we saw the internet blacked out in protest of the proposed SOPA/PIPA legislation. At the time only a handful of Senators and House members opposed the bill, but how things have changed… check out the massive flip-flop displayed below. Way to go internet, your voice was heard! This interactive matrix, The SOPA Opera, shows the current standing of Senate and House supporters and opponents of SOPA (current as of January 20th, 2012).

The matrix is sortable too, allowing you to narrow your view by state, last name, age, years served, how much money each politician received from the media, the amount received from the computer/internet industry, and the difference between those contributions.

There are a load of interesting things to note. Interestingly, the Republican party is much more in opposition of the bill, compared to the Democrats. Possibly not too surprising, the youngest politicians are all in opposition of the bill. Based on the graphic, more Senators are still in favor of the bill than those that oppose.

This isn’t over yet. There is still talk of the two bills being revamped and becoming a very real possibility again… and it could be soon. Stay vigilant!

Click here to launch the interactive graphic.

Below: A screen capture of the whole graphic


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