Defend Our Freedom to Share (why SOPA is a bad idea)

If you are a regular reader of Visual News, you may have noticed that today we participated in what is turning out to be the largest ever internet blackout in history… a protest symbolically showing what the internet could look like if the proposed PIPA or SOPA bills pass in the US Congress. The massive voluntary shutdown garnered attention just about everywhere and was participated in by behemoth sites the likes of Craigslist, Reddit and Wikipedia. So what does PIPA and SOPA mean for our shareable internet world, and why should you sign this online letter to congress? Below, Clay Shirky delivers a brilliant talk at the TED offices, challenging us to defend our freedom to create, discuss, link and share in the digital world.

On the topic of sharing, TED has just launched a program intended to make spreading their content a little more accessible. The new program, TED DVD On Demand, allows users to create a custom TED Talk DVD from a library of over 700 available talks. This cool feature will allow viewers to take the inspiring and fascinating content to places outside the reach of the internet, or help those who just aren’t tech-savvy see them. Each disk holds up to 6 talks and there is an option to order subtitles in up to 32 languages. The discs go for a $9.99 price tag and shipping is available to any region of the world. Order your ‘mix-tape of inspiration’ here.

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