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Hello Kitty Takes over Pop Culture…YET AGAIN

Tuesday 01.17.2012 , Posted by

If you are like me and have never understood how Sanrio’s iconic cat can bring in a billion dollars each year, maybe you’ve never seen how versatile this kitty can be. Joseph Senior, an art director for a New Zealand based advertising company, has created a series of illustrations that take the prissy feline out of her traditional pink bow and into some badass roles like Darth Vader, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Lady Gaga! Senior says his hobby started as “a tribute to George Lucas and [his] love of Star Wars and as a way to occupy those rare quiet times.” The artist has been compiling his images into a coffee table book and is hoping to get it published in the near future.

For more amazing kitty pics, you can check out Joseph Senior on Flickr.

Above: Hello Gaga & Hello KISSY GENE and Below: Hello DarthKitty & Hello Daft Punk GUY

Hello Tron and Hello C3PO

Hello Thor and Hello SuperKitty

Hello Xena and Hello Wonder Kitty

Hello Donatello and Hello Dark Knight

Hello Garfield and Hello Kill Bill

Hello Will and Kate

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  2. Can you please make these real things so I can buy them?


  3. I’m such a huge Daft Punk fan even when know one new about them. I would really like to buy the Daft Punk Hello Kitty. It would make my year!! Thank you! Loves from Texas

  4. Make them, pleeeeeease, I want them, all of them, their great. Or maybe just sell them as quality prints, seriously, these are fantastic :)

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