Fast Food: Advertisements vs. Reality

If you ever wanted an in-depth look at false advertising… Dario D’s your guy. He has a really engaging and entertaining way of laying out all the details in the many thoughtful articles and exposés he puts together on his site… from digging into the reasons he thinks Windows 7 is a failure, to Apple’s problem with spreading Macs and this: his photographic revealing of what you really get inside those cardboard fast food boxes.

At the “places” you get this stuff (Dario doesn’t care to dignify them with the name “restaurant”), it’s a frequent occurrence that the product looks far different than the picture boldly on display. Comments about food being run over by fork-lifts are often overheard, while people fork over their hard earned cash for things that hardly resemble food. What Dario helps us with, is the laughable juxtaposition often missed: that of what we are told we are getting, viewed next to what we actually receive.

For his series “Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality,” Dario carefully photographs many of the most popular fast food items, and places them next to their beautiful ad counterpart. What really gets me, is that he has taken the time to pick the best angle to capture the reality from… and it’s far from pretty.

So who’s food looks the worst? Not surprising considering its quickly dropping rank in the fast-food industry, Burger King’s food would get my vote for “all-out nasty.”

Here’s an example of Dario’s attention to detail… he picks the most “attractive” angle.


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  1. Carol

    It makes you never want to eat a fast food burger ever again in your life! Burger King is by far the grossest.

  2. Jose Ramirez

    I totally agree with what you are saying about advertisements. I only agree with the McDonalds Big Mac and the Jack in the Box taco ads against actual product retakes. All the other’s aren’t as true as you say. I don’t know where you live where Taco Bell Tacos look that shitty but in AZ it pretty much looks like it in real life as it does when it’s advertised.

  3. Farhan

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