This Is A Painting! 3D Fish Painted in Layers of Resin

Don’t be fooled, the image above is not real fish, but a carefully painted series of layers encased in clear resin! The work of Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori, the pieces are incredibly hard to distinguish from actual living fish… so much so, we included some shots of him making the paintings below.

Fukahori creates the paintings layer by layer, painting each colorful 2D image and then coating it with a layer of clear resin, repeating the process until he creates a 3D image of a fish. It is a time consuming and seriously impressive feat. The images you see here were captured by Dominic Alves of Fukahori’s latest show at London’s ICN Gallery. For a look at the artist creating his work, see the video at the bottom of this post. Amazing!

Via: core77

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