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Vintage Inspiration: Groovy Posters of Eastern Europe

You don’t get much more trippy than the far-out movie posters of Eastern Europe in the 60’s and 70’s. From Poland, Andre de Krayewski created as many as a dozen posters a year for both famous imported films and domestic creations, all with his signature art deco meets pop art style. Other artists like Jacek Neugebauer and Maciej Zbikowski helped further the style, using more bold contrasting colors and a heavy dose of symbolism. Most of the posters loosely (and I mean very loosely) interpreted the story of the film advertised, relying instead on the catchy artwork to draw in viewers.

Why don’t we have creative posters like this today? It seems the standards of today include looking through nice legs, close-ups of eyes and don’t forget the old favorite “floating head syndrome.” What makes these posters so refreshing, is their completely original take on what a movie poster should be… does it simply have to show the main characters or is it more valuable to have something that looks at the film from a creative angle? The very best part about the posters seen here, though, is this: they’re all available as prints through eyeseaposters.com.

Via: abduzeedo.com

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