Disruptive Film-Making

In this TEDtalk, Swedish Guerilla Filmmaker Sebastian Lindstrom counteracts the criticism of a traditional film producer who told him, “don’t worry, when your organization grows bigger, you will be able to do things properly!” In Lindstrom’s opinion, no amount of money, equipment, or talent can surpass the final product that disruptive film-making brings about.

The Bold Art of the European Tour Bus

Often looking like a mix between color field paintings and some pretty rad late 80s skater art, the sides of european tour busses are a vastly under-appreciated art form. Photographer Taylor Holland has been working to change that, capturing the rolling canvas’ during his Paris bicycle commute in ways that put the art clearly and boldly in our focus. His shots crop out the main mechanics of the busses, leaving little but colorful hubcaps and vents to clue us into the origin of the striking graphics. What is left are bright patterns worthy of far more than the passing glances that they get rolling the streets… and that was just his intention.

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The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Author James E. Starrs once said “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling” and this catchy new video, which will make you smile ear-to-ear and itch to hop on a two wheeled contraption, proves Starrs was right. I’m sure Montreal based cyclist Guillaume Blanchet would agree too. He spent 382 days riding through the streets of the sometimes cold, sometimes hot and sometimes rather scary Canadian city filming himself from the handlebars of his bike, all the while looking like he lives on the saddle.

Photo Splicing The Family Genetics


Have you ever wondered what parent you look more like? Whose eyes do you have, what about your nose, or your chin? Maybe you think you and your siblings look nothing alike. What better way to see your comparisons than a spliced photo of the two of you. Someone in your distant family that you’ve never met could share your same features. You and a friend or a neighbor can appear to look so similar that some say, “you must’ve been separated at birth” after viewing a spliced photograph.

Republicans vs. Democrats: Who Rallies for Science?

For years, science has helped humans make sense of the world around them. In their endless toil to understand our world, scientists have come up with simple innovations to make life easier, complex ones to get us from point A to B, insanely advanced discoveries which have led to putting a man on the moon, and miraculous ones that have saved humanity from previously incurable diseases. However, not everyone is convinced of the value that science brings to humanity.

Letter Heads of the Famous Past

We are now past the days of long, hand-written letters, post marked with stamps you had to lick and sent with the care that said “this is a paper based expression of me.” But just how expressive can a small piece of paper be? In the case of these vintage letterheads, very. These personal designs of the past were a tangible expression of the person sending it, designed with the knowledge that soon it would be held in the hands of a friend or fan and possibly cherished for years to come. The letterheads we bring you here, found on the phenomenal and extensive site Letterheady.com, include examples from entertainers, writers and even inventors, from Groucho Marx to Thomas Edison, all showing their distinctive choice of how to represent themselves.

Picture Perfect Paintings

You may be looking at the image above, thinking, “I could do that!” But what if I told you that this is actually an oil painting? Photorealism is the art of creating a painting that looks as if it could be a photograph and Pedro Campos is one of the best in the field.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could all just put aside our differences and hug it out? In a set of endearing illustrations, Ingrid Aspock shows just that with some of the most famous rivals in pop culture.