From the creative mind of Caldwell Tanner, illustrator of College Humor, writer of his own captivating and hilarious illustration blog, and graphic artist/comedian extraordinaire, now comes “The Internet League of Justice” illustration series! Imagine if the most popular online websites and social media networks were superheroes! What powers would they have?

Who would their nemeses be? Thanks to Tanner’s amazing wit and humor, we don’t have to guess anymore! He has created superpowers and archenemies for each imagined, internet superhero ie, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Depicting Google as an “overpowered hero” with “near infinite abilities”, Caldwell draws us into his fascinating and humorous fantasy of a world immersed in a perilous battle for internet domination!. Can you envision Amazon as a super hero/villain(?) with amazing powers to “drain bank accounts” and provide “super saver shipping”, whose worst nemesis is Craigslist? Or perhaps, Google + as a “noble” superhero with “good intention”s, who yet may not have much value. See all of Caldwell Tanner’s internet superhero illustrations for more amusing descriptions of these online heroes. More information about Tanner and his “image-based laughtermagic” can be found on Google +, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Twitter. Hmm… does it seem, perhaps, that Tanner and his graphic humor, could be said to be dominating the internet, as well?!


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  1. BDR

    Not like they did anything special, like lets say, Move their entire webhosting services to a different provider based on their stance on sopa.

    Also Petabytes.

    Still, Awesome post.

  2. Ryan

    4chan is Batman. A character so mysterious and popular with such a diverse group of people that when he shows up you have no idea what version of Batman you’ll get. He sticks up for justice but people see him as nothing but trouble.
    Facebook is Maxwell Lord, a useless government agent who pretended to be everyone’s friend but then used the information about who they were, what they did, and where they were to hunt them all down and kill them in order to take over the world.

  3. Ryan

    BDR, it’s clear that Caldwell Tanner either doesn’t know anything about politics or the editors at visual news don’t like people telling the truth about websites if it is going to hurt that site and harm Visual News’ sponsorship.

  4. Turil

    Cool, but really missed the boat on Google+! G+ is more like the misunderstood hero, who has the superpowers of gathering the most eclectic global set of elite visionaries discussing the hidden gems of ideas. It might be best described s the only truly open source global think tank.

  5. J. Anthony Carter

    Man have you got things bassackwards. SU is the freaking SUPER Hero here. And it had no nemeses at all. Nothing can touch it. Nothing can come close.
    SU maintains your privacy like it was it’s very own… unlike a LOT of sites I could mention. SU has a social aspect that is as more diverse than any other AND it can be content/topic specific as well meaning it brings like unto like with easy and aplomb.
    SU allows you to access sites on the web as generically or as topically as you wish without the slightest iota of discord or displeasure. And add to it the fact that there’s no way in hell you could even come close to finding even half of these sites on your own without the specific web addresses, it, all by itself, is a freaking MIRACLE of programming and innovation.
    It’s quite apparent to me that either you’re not intelligent enough to “get” SU or you’ve never even started to USE SU to even begin to understand it’s potential or it’s scope. Either way you shouldn’t “talk” about what you don’t understand.

  6. Maggie

    I totally agree with you about SU! I was scrolling down to hopefully find the sleeping giant that is SU and I didn’t :( While this was fun…but you are discounting a major force in social media. I love StumbleUpon as well and have for years. For what it is, what it will be, and what I hope it never becomes (like any of the other ones)!!! It’s a magical experience :)

  7. J. Anthony Carter

    Paul. You strike me as one of those guys who watch a football game till it’s almost over then cheer for the one that’s ahead. In every case you presented, the “Super Hero” is the favorite of the two. You never pick the closest 2nd place but the one furthest away to be the “Nemesis”. In several cases the pairing is quite a reach.
    Amazon and Craigslist? C’mon already! Amazon was designed and built to be World WIde webshoppers version of the Mall of the Americas. Craigslist is the neighborhood garage sales handout listing fer cryin’ the hell out loud!
    You describe Google+ as dumb. What I’m really getting is that because FB has been around long enough to figure out how to rip it’s idjit members off for BILLIONS and BILLIONS (touch of Carl Sagan there!) of dollars and Google+ is still in it’s infancy and NOT trying to be the biggest sleaze since the advent of the IRS, that supposedly makes them “dumb”.
    Yeah, you’re right up there with our “national hero” (notice the quote mark sarcasm) and all around GREAT #U(#!#& AMERICAN, Mark Suckerturd. Of course this is all predicated on whether or not G+ was designed and built to turn out bucks according to the FB model or not.
    Huffington Post and ICHC, while being (barely) like in kind are quite different in type and that comparison is mainly in your head. Does anyone else heard the few items rattling around up there too?
    And last but not least. About all anyone uses Yahoo for anymore is email and maps. So they qualify as a “nemesis for Google like an anthill qualifies as competition for a condo…
    ‘Nuff said!!

  8. Guitarwarlord

    THE funniest thing I have seen all year. Thanks for the laugh Paul. Nicely Done :) I think you got them all pretty good, but I really think you nailed the Google + one.

  9. Paulin

    Awesome article!!! I came across this on SU and really enjoyed it. But, I am just curious to see how you’ll turn Pinterest into a superhero :)

  10. vidio

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  11. Paul Lester

    Great post, especially the the first about Google, as I have been banned for life from Adwords for one simple mistake, which was a beginers error just after I started. They are a law unto themselves and can close a persons business down, just like that.

  12. Nile Lars

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