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Many girls dream of being princesses and many also imagine a fairy tale of their face gracing the cover of popular fashion magazines. Young artist, Tumblr user, and admitted Disney fan, Mary (Petite Tiaras) gives us a mashup of the best of both worlds by designing covers for popular fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle, with Disney princesses as cover girls.

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And, she didn’t stop there! She has written creative and witty headlines to go with each princesses’ cover shot! For example on Petite Tiaras fabricated cover for Seventeen, we read advice from Ariel to, “Never Trust a Sea Witch” and on her design for the cover of Elle magazine, Petite Tiaras has a teaser for a confession from Cinderella’s “Prince Charming” admitting “‘That’s Not My Name!’ The Shocking True Story!”
See more of Mary’s enchanting magazine covers on Tumblr. She can also be followed on Flickr.


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