Sleeve Faces: Remixing Old Record Covers

You can’t do this with your MP3’s! Clever audiophiles the world over have been taking old, beloved record sleeves featuring head shots of famous musical artists and creating the illusion that their body continues past the frame. Some of these are really well done, including clothing that closely matches artists such as David Bowie, Tom Waits, Elton John, Feddie Mercury and Lou Reed.

Part of what makes these modern/classic mashups so intriguing is what’s happening outside the frame of the album… I mean, was Bowie really eating a sandwich while shooting the cover for Rare? Was Elton John playing with a flat football (that’s a soccer ball, Yanks!) on the inside flap of Blue Moves? Unless someone’s got their phone number, we may never know.

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If you want to dig deeper into this awesome way to play with your old vinyl sleeves, head to for a record store worth of great pics.


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