$18,871.93 To Buy the Worlds Longest Receipt

You may have heard about the Store Buyout Project earlier this year: hearing that store owner Hercules was about to lose the lease on his small New York grocery store, a team of clever artists headed into Hercules Fancy Grocery and bought everything in the store. That’s right, everything. They then put it all up online and are currently re-selling it as art, encased in classy clear boxes to display the purchase. It’s pretty cool to know you’re helping out with saving Hercules’ store while getting some pretty different art to show off and a great story to tell.

So what about this “worlds longest receipt?” The total for all purchases generated quite a paper trail: 57 1/2 feet of receipt to be exact. On it are over 3000 individually entered items and a grand total of $18,871.91. See where this is going? The Store Buyout folks have just put up the huge scroll of paper encased in a glass box on Etsy, for the total purchase price of $18,871.91! You can see a copy of the full original receipt here. Wild!

See a video of the buyout day below, then you can follow the story on Reddit, Twitter, or head to storebuyout.com to see what’s for sale.

Interested in another project by Kyle, the mastermind behind this project? He also did the famous One Red Paperclip project, trading a paperclip up to a house!

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