Kim Jong-illin’ and Dropping the Bass!

Who knew the late Kim Jong-il was such a party animal?? Here he is dropping top dance tunes, drinking booze and generally being the life of the party with the likes of Daft Punk, David Guetta and Skrillex. With the way he and his devoted followers claim he’s invented, improved and generally done everything (he’s the genius who wrote 6 full operas in 2 years and invented the modern cinema) is it really any surprise he also mixes some epic vinyl grooves? Wait… he probably invented vinyl!

Ok… or maybe these are just amazingly good Photoshop creations from a website in the tradition of the legendary Kim Jong-il Looking at Things. Head to Kim Jong-il Dropping the Bass to see more of the remixed photos… which are seamlessly, deceptively real, even on second glance. Turn up the beats and have a look.


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