Fastest Time to Travel to Every Country in the World

Benny Prasad has been to every country in the world and he has the world record for achieving it in the shortest amount of time: 6 years, 6 months and 22 days. That’s 245 countries Benny has visited… and with him, he brought a message of peace and love while on the way.

During the journey he traveled to 194 sovereign countries, 50 dependent countries & Antarctica thus 245 countries and 7 Continents. His adventure took from May 1, 2004 to Nov. 22, 2010.

Benny, 34, is from Bangalore India and is a solo guitar instrumentalist. At 19, he discovered that he had a talent for music and started to pursue it. In 2004, after designing the World’s First Bongo Guitar aptly named “BENTAR”, he suddenly shot up to fame. Benny has had the privilege to perform on his unique guitar to many Presidents, Parliaments, Universities and even prestigious events such as the Olympic Games in 2004, Fifa World Cup in 2006 and Military World Games in 2007.

Today he chooses to travel & share the journey of hope to the hopeless all over the world, from the least privileged in slums or those in old age homes, to prisons, war zones, military bases and parliaments. Benny has lived a simple life and spent less than $140,000 USD in order to complete his travels to 245 Countries (even though he has repeated many countries).

He has stayed with families in every country he has visited but for a few exceptions such as North Korea. He is a spiritual pilgrim of the planet, who has freely given his gift of music to countless hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He has shared his personal story of love and hope and one day hopes himself to find a lover willing to travel the way he has all these years.

“Firstly, God gave me a reason to live. Then He gave me a purpose and motivation for the future. He put in me a vision to travel, and all the countries I have visited, I paid my own ticket. God has been my faithful provider”

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