Stylectrical: Exhibiting the Work of Apple’s Jony Ive

Currently exhibiting at Museum für Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg in Germany, an intriguing new show features a retrospective look at the vast collection of the industrial design works Jonathan Ive has created for Apple throughout the years.  So vast in fact, that they claim to be showcasing every product Apple has created under Ive. Along with the extensive and sometimes rather obscure collection of products, the museum takes a deeper look into the cultural aspects of the designs and the process behind the design of Apple products.

Other designs, some clearly inspired by the work of German industrial designer Dieter Rams, will also be displayed and analyzed next to Ive’s work. Industrial design is much more than just surface-level aesthetics and what better way to prove this than through examining the ingenious works of the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design of Apple, Jonathan Ive.

Via Co.Design

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