How Tobacco Smokes The World

If you think big tobacco companies have been hurt by the virtually indisputable evidence of cigarettes’ negative health effects, think again. Despite selling a product which will eventually kill their customers, tobacco companies still maintain a 26.7% profit margin, 3 times that of Big Oil, and 2 times that of Big Pharmaceutical. With plenty of money to back advertising campaigns, Big Tobacco has raised a brand new generation of smokers. This Infographic from Frugal Dad breaks down the huge numbers behind the “Big Tobacco” brands.

Tobacco Smoking Infographic

Source: Frugal Dad

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  1. pult du

    I’m with “blinker”; I’ve not seen where smoking a cigarette has caused a fatal car accident; led to domestic violence, assault and battery or a homocide. In my state a $5.75 pack of smokes generates $2.50 – $3.20 in taxes (about 700% more than the company profits, after production,packaging and distribution expenses). The post WWII smoking population was nearly 50%; presently it’s estimated at 27 – 28%. However, we see federalized & state sponsored BULLYING of the few of us who chose to smoke (on my own porch on 95 acres, by thew way) through taxation and regulation. I DO NOT consume alcohol & am disturbed by its unabashed promotion with such disregard for its consequences. Let’s see the Fed’s require labeling of all bottles with car, truck & ATV crash scenes & photos of victims of violence & homicides

  2. hdmi

    Just quit smoking. I knew it was bad, knew it was toxic etc etc. I just liked it, felt good with a morning coffee, helped pass the time while I drive around 14 hrs a day for work. I just got tired of it and stopped. Yes the first couple days were rough, but only cause it was such a habit to smoke 1.5 packs a day

  3. Luke

    Congrats, good job HDMI.

    And sorry Pult Du, none of your argument justifies the fact the tobacco industry still exists, or explains why people shouldn’t give up smoking for their own or their family and friends’ sake. Sounds like it’s a sensitive issue for you.

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