Bodoni Girl: A Golden Tribute to the Typeface

In 1798 Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) created his now legendary Bodoni typeface, known for its slightly condensed upper case and extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes. Now, over 210 years later, a seductively flowing poster has been created using just the forms of his typeface, celebrating not only the original creator of the design, but also the charming flow of the female form. The print shows a beautiful woman with flowing locks of curled hair and a lightly bemused, downward gaze.

As poster designer Andreas Xenoulis notes, the typeface has “always reflected the good taste, the classic, the elegant, the different.” The print, a silkscreen, has an added spark: Xenoulis used gold colored inks and gold foils to “reflect the ultimate woman nobility.” It has been released in 7 different variations, from gold foil on dark brown paper to gold ink on white pearl paper. You can find a few of the very limited edition prints at tind or see more images at

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