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FIXIE ART: Beautiful Simplicity

Wednesday 11.30.2011 , Posted by

One of the latest bike crazes is the Fixed-gear bicycle. Never heard of one? This type of cycle has one gear and cannot coast, since the pedals and wheels move simultaneously. If you want to see some phenomenal examples of this popular bike, check out Portuguese illustrator, Adams Carvalho’s Tumblr. He sketches some awesome pictures of men and women with their “fixies”. Some of Carvalho’s drawings show the bikes in motion, while others are simply drawings of people hanging out with their cool bikes. His prints are true to the bike, as he depicts each one quite simply, yet his male and female subjects are quite detailed. The contrast is striking and effective. Here are some of our favorites.


Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. A geared transmission is a marvel of human ingenuity, which is truly a work of art. Why would you want to dispense of such a useful invention? This strikes me as an example of the anti-science, anti-engineering, and anti-intellectualism sentiment that is pervading our society. GEARS ARE A GOOD THING, PEOPLE!

  2. You sir, are an idiot. The first sentence of your post is true, the last is idiotic. The fixed gears have other advantages, including cost and easy maintenance. Your post is an example of wasteful and close-minded problem solving that leads to stupid decisions and ideas.

  3. You youngsters! When I were a youf’ we *all* rode fixed-gear bicycles. That’s all there was!

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