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The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey

Wednesday 11.23.2011 , Posted by

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! It’s the time of year in the US when waistlines widen, the kitchen smells it’s best and there’s only one thing that has to be on the table… a great big turkey! Over 240 million of the birds were raised in the US last year alone… and that kind of demand has led to some major changes in the way that the birds are raised. This graphic looks at some of the more strange things that go into a factory farmed bird… after reading it, that free-range, organic turkey at the market might look like a good option.

Click here or the image below for a full sized view:

The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey via Ethical Ocean

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. From now on, I’m only going to eat animals that were treated with kindness.

  2. I am pretty familiar with the turkeys raised in southern Indiana, being that I work as a commercial lender financing these facilities, our turkey’s here average 43lbs at slaughter time, none of their beaks are clipped (atleast on any of the farms we have), it would be a full time job to keep the beaks of 27,000 turkeys trimmed over a 20 week time, these animals are the closest things to dinosaurs we have left.

    Its a misconception, that farmers mistreat their animals (atleast the vast majority dont), happy animals eat the most, making them weigh the most, making the farmer more money. Its not in any farmers best interest to mistreat any of their livestock.

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