The UP Wristband Reminds You To Live

Now here’s an interesting new gadget: with todays hectic, busy lifestyles, it’s easy to get sucked into an activity and forget about normal life things like moving around or eating regularly. Enter the new UP wristband from Jawbone. The modern, flexible devise wraps around your wrist, linking you to your smart phone via Bluetooth while keeping track of your eating habits, nutrition, sleep patterns and overall well being. It also vibrates to alert you when you haven’t moved around for a while and works as an alarm to monitor your sleep and wake you at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle. Your personal data is graphed on your phone and it offers recommendations about improvements in dietary and fitness routines. You don’t have to take it off in the pool or shower as it’s waterproof. Check out the video below, then jog by for a rundown on the cool $99 dollar device.


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  1. typo in last word. Otherwise, that’s lame, can’t they do an implant?

  2. For married couples, can it track their sexual activities? For example, can it suggest:
    You should have sex tonight or You are faking an orgasm.

  3. Looks good but a bit steep on the price.

  4. good idea, would be interesting to see an actual review as im not sure how this will actually work day to day… the concept is spot on though!

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