An Alphabet of Ornate Quilled Typography

Just take a look at these beautifully ornate quilled letters. Quilling, the art of creating images with artfully rolled and curled strips of paper is used here by paper artist Sabeena Karnik to create the alphabet from A to S. Hailing from Mumbai India, she is a calligrapher, fine artist and illustrator/typographer specializing in paper sculpturing and acrylic murals. Be sure to swing by her Behance page or follow her on Twitter.


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  1. Dema

    By the time I reach 200 I will be able to copy these. I am so in awe of this talent. Thanks Ann, for making it possible for us to view this remarkable work. Dema

  2. Carol Rudd

    The quilling is gorgeous! The colors are all well coordinated and the designs are incredible. There is so much talent and creativity shown here – thank you for thi very beautiful display of such elegantly detailed quilling.

  3. Anjuly

    Me gusto.. pero me hubiera encantado muchisimo mas, si el ABC fuera hasta la Z… o almenos hasta la T :'( Yo quería la T _'( PORQUE? era sola una letra después de la S… PORQUE NO LA HICIERON? :'( :'( YO LA QUERÍA, EN INTERNET NO SALE LA T EN QUILLING. :'(

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