Occupy Art: Protesters Captured on Newsprint

Using the very newspapers where stories of the Occupy movement are being printed, self-trained UK artist Guy Denning has been doing frequent drawings of members of the 99%. Capturing the spirit of the movement, from sadness to strength and rage, his pieces on newsprint and boxes capture the uniquely global protest which continues to garner attention and raise questions about the roll of corporations in world politics. See more of this excellent artists work (including a host of non-Occupy related pieces) at Flickr or on his Facebook page.

Above: ‘Occupy Wall Street (Bologna’s enthusiasm)’ – 12th October 2011
Below: ‘October 15th (we won’t let it drop)’ – 15th October 2011

‘Occupy Oakland (they kept shooting)’ – 31st October 2011

‘Occupy (the 99%)’ – 30th October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street (the sound of free speech)’ – 13th October 2011

‘Occupy Oakland (soldier down)’ – 29th October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street (countdown to the 15th)’ – 11th October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street (no permit)’ – 2nd October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street (mace sprayed)’ – 1st October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street (the revolution will not be televised)’ – 29th September 2011

Via: illustrationboom.com

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