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A Breathing Sea Sculpture: Guardian of the Hole

This new sculpture by Korean artist U-Ram Choe is beautiful to behold, but it’s far more than meets the eye. The peacefully decaying body of a seal like animal rests on the sea floor, kelp like forms growing from its body… then it begins to move. Using a fascinating internal mechanism, the animal gently breaths; its forest of kelp delicately waving above.

Guardian of the Hole (Custos Cavum in Latin) is the name of the sculpture and its design was inspired by a 10th-century Indian sculpture, Shiva as Lord of Dance. As the Hindu god represents balance and harmony, so Choe says Custos Cavum is a symbol of coexistence.

Choe says his talents are “completely genetic” as his parents were sculptors and his father was also a mechanic. Guardian of the Hole is currently installed at the Asia Society Museum in New York and will be on display until December 31st, 2011.

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