Halloween: Worlds Largest Pumpkin Carving

What better way to pay tribute to the worlds largest pumpkin, than by turning it into the worlds largest pumpkin carving for Halloween. Grown by Jim Bryson and his daughter Kelsey, the behemoth squash weighs in at an astounding 1818.5 pounds, the heaviest ever weighed.

To carve up the slightly lopsided pumpkin, renowned sand, toy and pumpkin carver Ray Villafane lent his skilled hands and brilliant Halloween themed design featuring zombies climbing out of the cracking giant. Villafane used another smaller pumpkin, weighing 1693 pounds (!) for additional pieces including the zombies, easily making this the largest pumpkin carving in history.

Ray Villafane is quite a carver and worth a close look. Since he started seriously pursuing his natural gift of carving in the early 2000’s, he has worked sculpting toys for Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Marvel and McFarlane. He has done a number of impressive sand sculptures and has been featured on the Food Networks show Outrageous Pumpkins, ultimately taking home the grand prize. Find out more at rayvillafane.com, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook.

Photos by Ivo M. Vermeulen. Via: laughingsquid.com

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