A Modern Take on Ancient Art

Looking like modern day mandalas and taking just as long to create, UK based artist Jake Lockett is the creator of these large and insanely detailed pieces. Exploring his works closely, figures, faces and eyes pop appear, giving the repeating patterns far more personality than their ancient counterparts. Lockett is currently accepting commissions for custom work while he makes progress on an upcoming animation (you can see tests for it at the bottom of this post). Head by his website jake-lockett.com for more of his illustration work, his tumblr blog, or see his newly created blog for frequent updates on the progress of his animation.

For a huge look at the piece ‘Ancestor Worship’ below (the actual paper is about 60 x 85cm), click here.

For a larger look at the painting below, click here.

Lockett’s first attempt at hand drawn animation, drawn with pen and water colors:

…and his second animation, created from 10 hand-drawn and water colored frames. He soon plans to combine the two styles into a longer creation.

Self-portrait of the artist himself: Jake Lockett. Click here for a larger view.

Via: reddit.com

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