Death & Taxes: How is the U.S. Spending Our Money?

Death and Taxes is a behemoth graph of the federal budget. Containing 500 of the largest programs and departments, nearly all that receive over 200 million dollars each year, the graphic gives us a revealing look at where the U.S. puts its financial priorities.

Created using data from the president’s 2012 budget proposal, Jess Bachman spends a few months each year creating a new edition to keep us up to date. All of the program circles are proportional in size to their funding levels and for comparison the percentage change from both 2012 and 2002 is included so you can identify trends. For a full sized, zoomable view, or to purchase the yearly poster, head to

Click here or the image below for a zoomable view:

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  1. WASP

    Our government is spending our money to seditiously help rich people offshore, outsource, and insource American labor, innovation, and capital investment to foreign hosts and workers so they will give them the money they need to run and hold political office.

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