The Propaganda Posters of the 1%

These bold red posters aren’t just propaganda, but also a warning of how the top 1% of the wealthy may be looking down upon the rest of us: the so called 99%. The poster above is especially ominous; will we as a global community be able to stay steadfast and sway the giant that controls the majority of our world resources and wealth? Find out more about Fro, the Los Angeles based designer behind these posters or order prints at


Benjamin Starr

Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea. When not impressing people with his humbling humility, he can be found freelance writing, finding shiny objects on the internet, enjoying the company of much-appreciated friends and living out his nomadic nature. He is Managing Editor of Visual News. Follow his movements on Twitter:

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  1. Danesays:

    Money Buys EVERYTHING, there isn’t a single thing you can’t buy for the right dime!!!

  2. Geoffsays:

    What’s wrong with the current system:
    Trickle down economics work in theory, but it forgets to add the variable of human greed.
    Just because you don’t have the money doesn’t mean you can’t go to college. My great grandfather was a miner and his wife was a cook. They didn’t have money, but their son became a very well practiced, well respected doctor who went to Loyola for medical school.
    You can use the excuse that you didn’t have resources growing up, which does affect academic standing, but all you have to do is give a shit.

  3. Emilysays:

    Everyone is always so concerned about making sure that their side is heard that people just start screaming and nothing gets done. People on the side of the 99% need to realize that not all of them are money-grubbing stuck-up people. People on the side of the 1%, yes, some of you did work very hard for your money. No one is trying to deny you that. No one is trying to take all of your money from you. No one wants you to be broke. But people deserve basic necessities in life, like food and shelter, and the government is paying to bail out banks that were in the wrong instead of helping people just to survive. Just like some of you worked really hard to get where you are and some of you were given it, some people are being lazy but many just can’t find jobs or are doing the best with what little they have. When 10% of our country is controlling 80% of the money there is a problem in where we are putting our worth and what we are spending that money on.

  4. Cawssays:

    The “pro-1%” people – for lack of a better term – seem to operate on a philosophy of shoulds. “The harder you work, the more money you SHOULD make. The less you work, the more poor you SHOULD be. That’s the system our country SHOULD be enforcing, you socialist bastards.”

    The problem is that this philosophy has no answer to a scenario that doesn’t work out that way. What happens when many people work extremely hard but still end up crushed beneath the gold-rimmed wheels of someone who doesn’t work hard at all?

    “………………………………Tough luck for them.”

    So the ‘should’ philosophy creates a ‘tough luck’ society. In the ‘tough luck’ society you shouldn’t cry for justice when you get mugged and robbed while walking to your car one night, because instead of going after the thief, that’s all anyone will say – ‘tough luck.’

    That society is a really fucking sad society.

  5. Angiesays:

    The problem is people can go to college but when they get out of college they cant evan get a job flipping burgers… Im not asking for your money i just want a chance to earn my own!

  6. Nicksays:

    Beg to differ Geoff, If by meaning “shown to work” you mean stimulate employment and economic activity you are wrong. Trickle down economics has been shown to definitely not work.:

    If you mean concentrate wealth into the hands of the already well off then you are right it works

  7. nice. thanks for sharing

  8. 95% of degree holders are employed – the rhetoric that college graduates cannot find employment is bogus. Sure, there are injustices – but one that is against college graduates is not one of them

  9. Alxzsays:

    Banks and governments own all the money and power thus controlling society and they will do absolutely anything to keep it that way, To top it off we are now paying off there huge debt again, as planned -not a mistake. To be honest I have very little hope for society especially when people are trying to do something about this whether it the right way or not but still trying, only to be met with total denial from all sides. As history has has told us, people only do something when its all or nearly too late and we are close to that point and even have an opportunity that will soon be gone.

    I consider the polar bear already extinct and in some ways I don’t think people even deserve the polar bear. Anyone that claims to feel bad about it when the bear is truly gone can stick it, because we had our chance but we have already decided financial gain for people who already have most the money is the best option.

    I don’t know how many jobs they are getting but that 95% statement sounds like fluff, when indeed the whole planet is crashing, less jobs all round. And indeed its not even just college student or jobs its everything!

    the sad truth of the matter is I have lost my faith in the governments, in most of society and I am struggling to stay true to myself, sometimes I wish they would just nuke the place it would save much false expectation, although I keep telling myself if I keep talking to people about more “controversial” stuff and others do the same maybe there is a slight hope.

    Nice posters Benjamin Star, did you make them?

  10. Bobbiesays:

    Zee– I could be wrong as I haven’t done the research to back this up but I would think the complaint isn’t that college graduates cannot find employment, it’s that they cannot find gainful employment. I don’t mean gainful economically, but spiritually. Their jobs may not be in their field and/or they have a lack of interest and are therefore unmotivated. This leaves us feeling empty because in today’s society we often define our self-worth by our occupation. This empty feeling causes us to find pleasure in things that provide instant gratification, like television. We sit and watch tv rather than reading, learning and most of all thinking. The thinking part is what I feel is most important as it leads to innovation, a commodity that is in scarce supply…until now.

  11. DESsays:

    you forgot the hammer and sickle

  12. Ellsays:

    @Zee: Employed at what? — part-time, dead-end, minimum-pay jobs and/or jobs that don’t pay off their debts and/or several on-call jobs with no security, no health/pension plan, no vacation…? The rhetoric that credentialism through education leads out of the poor house is truly bogus. I know of many people with multiple degrees, people with PhDs, who can’t get enough work to keep them from using the soup kitchens.

  13. Interestingly, there is not a single comment regarding the design work shown above. The talk here is all about what the “1%” mean to society at large. Now, that’s effective design!

  14. ELLsays:

    “my father has worked hard as a doctor for the past 20 years. he got out of school when he was 30. he works 50 hours weeks and gets paid 500k a year. so dont act like the 1%ers never did anything. he is making sure he is in the 1% by working incredibly hard and managing his finances correctly and efficiently!”

    Your father’s 500k a year is at least 190 an hour (based on 50 hours a week, 52 weeks a year). So he earns 10 to 15 times as much as the average worker. There’s no way that your father — or anybody else — works 10 to 15 times as hard as the average worker.

  15. this is some heavy stuff. painfully true, and beautiful design.

  16. James Madisonsays:

    Marx gave you people more credit than you’re due. Actually you’re not much use for anything at all.
    You are, however, overflowing in the idiot department.

    Kudos to you, punks.

  17. This whole them vs us thing is just crap. At the end of the day, anyone with bright ideas, persistence, questionable morals and a pinch of good luck can become part of the 1%; that’s what’s good about capitalism.

    Besides, these people are still mortal, if they become terminally ill, for instance, no amount of money will keep them alive.

  18. I forgot to mention, the designs are superbly poignant. Good work!

  19. Billsays:

    We are America, we are the world’s 1%.

    As far as not being employed after college, try getting a useful degree. If you have a Bachelor’s in literature or psychology, you chose poorly. Not to say they’re bad areas of study, but you can’t stop at a BS or BA and expect employment in that field to be readily available.

    Want to be employed with just a BS? Become an engineer.

  20. Brilliant work. Just brilliant. I will send my readers here to be sure.

  21. Benjamin Starrsays:

    @Shawn Thank you ever so much! Enjoying your article on Kim Jong-il’s titles :)

  22. jasonsays:

    Money can’t buy you love!


  23. Yahz'says:

    Yes Jason, you are right. But I hear you can pull up pretty close to it in a yaht.

  24. jasonsays:

    Ahahaha. Thats an awesome picture in my mind.
    My honest is opinion is i completely love these posters and the art constructivist style but its been butchered by popular media and hollywoodized. Although the message could be ‘arguably’ true i don’t think it makes it legitimate.

  25. Uncle Bsays:

    Only way out – keep climbing upwards – only problem: every step you take pays for two steps for “them” – the Uber Rich muti-national consortium of plutocratis share holders, that float on the top. Tapeworm Capitalism at ita best in the U.S.A. now – Capitalism no longer a “tool of the governbment” as it is for the Communist Chinese Government, but in America the government is a tool of Capitalism – this si the change proven by the Ruins of Detroit City, and if you have a strong stomach, proven by Goggle search of Cith skylines the world over – none so disappointing as those in the U.S.A. today – You google, you see.

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