The Amazing, Decaying North Korea Fun Fair

Check out these amazingly depressing photos from the Mangyongdae fun fair in North Korea! Taken by Alex Hoban of Vice Magazine (who did a great, biting writeup), they show a theme park in dangerous dis-repair… can you imagine getting on that roller coaster rusting away?! After waiting an hour for an attendant to bang some bolts back into place, Alex did it and lived to tell the tail.

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  • superunknown

    what a dump.

  • Thus we observe the results of a country/culture ruled with an iron fist by a despot backed-up by a ruling elite loyal to the pay, pension and perks of remaining within the elite class.

    Mix in the culture peculiar to N. Korea and we see here the end results.

    Imagine how even a small amount of freedom and reward for individual effort would likel improve life in general for the folks of N. Korea.

    There IS a semi-fine line between too much control and no control over that which can exist within a culture.

    PART of the USA’s current woes can be traced to too much economic freedom in some ways and areas and not enough in others but at least the general USA culture places restrictions on We, the People’s behaviors, actions, etc.

    The masses of N. Korea possess a differing culture that MAY require a small spark to ignite a general uprising that may result in a new ruling elite that will consider the needs of ALL instead of amassing wealth and power into but a few hands.

    I wish them well.

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