Camel Milk: A 10 Day Experiment on the Human Body

Many of us in the western world have heard of cow and goat milk, but what about the drink of choice in many eastern countries? Camel milk has long been touted as one of the most healthful drinks, far closer to that of human breast milk than any other. It is not only much easier for the human body to digest, but also is rich in vitamins B and C while containing 10 times as much iron as the other milks.

Now, Nairobi Kenya based Alicia Sully is running an exciting Kickstarter campaign, designed to build knowledge about the benefits of camel milk on the body. She plans to drink and eat ONLY camel milk for 10 days, tracking the status of her body and doing blood testing before, during and after the experiment. Her project will be part of the Experimental Food Society Spectacular taking place in London, UK on October 21st and 22nd.

While the food has shown many benefits and has a host of amazing stories about how its use can support and improve life, at the moment importing Camel milk is blocked in many countries. This is due in part to E.U. and US lobbyists from the cow milk industry and scientists who refuse to recognize non-U.S. studies of the product.
To find out more on Alicia Sully’s project (part of the world changing collaborative What Took You So Long), check out the great Kickstarter video below, then head to the project pledge page to show your support. Will we see camel milk get over the hump? We think so.

Camel Cheese

Camel Chocolate

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