Motion Graphic: The Power of Data Visualization

They say knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful? The challenge of communicating information becomes especially difficult when trying to convey a message full of complex data (like pesky numbers), which is often difficult to interpret quickly and clearly to the naked eye. This motion graphic by Column Five, looks at some of the many visual techniques used by the company to communicate that information handsomely to a large audience.

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  1. dannysmith_7M

    Communicating complex information in a visual form: either motion graphic or 2D animation, has increased the audience retention of information, as well as keep them interested on what you are trying to convey. We know that an audience has short term attention span especially, when are faced with complicated data. So, using visuals as a form of explaining really helps a lot.

    Love the ideas on the motion graphic video too.

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