Taking Ballet To The Streets

Vihao Pham takes ballet out of the theater and studio, planting it naturally and gracefully in the streets. Each images transforms the urban landscape into something to be played with, enjoyed and danced upon, opening up discussion about how public space is viewed and used in everyday life. To help support him and learn more, see his facebook page or find more of his work at vihaopham.com.

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  1. Vihao Phamsays:

    I’m based out of Virginia though.

  2. Great photography !
    2 of the dancers are my students.
    Love it !

  3. Frances Bremersays:

    I loved seeing these photos, especially those of Amelia Grubb, whom I’ve know since she was 2.

  4. Ericsays:


    Is Amelia as much fun in person as she seems to be in these pictures? Amazing dancer! Great photos!

  5. Hollysays:

    Check it out, this is a similar photographer based out of NYC.

  6. Catherine Grubbsays:

    my bedroom made in in the article! yes!

  7. Vihao Phamsays:

    Amelia is about as amazing as they come. Catherine had a hand in that.

  8. sophiesays:

    There’s a similar project by a photographer who made a compilation of dancers “off duty”, it’s not the ballerina project though, does anyone know what it’s called?

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