Classic Interview: Steve Jobs on Paul Rand

Paul Rand, a name synonimous with logo design; he created the iconic emblems for companies as familiar as IBM and UPS. In this classic 1993 interview, Steve Jobs, then president of the forward thinking NeXT Computer, talks about his experiences working with Rand in designing the NeXT logo. Filmed three years before Rands death in 1996, it’s an insightful look into two world changing minds.

Rock and Roll! Music Stereotypes from Rock’s History

Whether it’s the wail of Eddie Van Halen or Chuck Berry, this tongue-in-cheek look at rock and roll history hits a lot of high notes. Created by the ever strange crew at Cracked, the graphic takes the rock stereotypes of each generation since the 50’s, showing timelines for that times archetypes, subject matter, volume, thievery, profitability, competition and social impact. What was your favorite era?

Visual Bits #88 > A Day In The Life Of Frankenstein

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Soviet Propaganda Posters of the Second World War

These incredible posters produced by the Soviet Union’s Moscow based news agency, TASS, during the Second World War, show the history of the conflict from a particularly vibrant and often gruesome Soviet perspective. The large prints, reaching between 5 and 10 feet tall, were displayed in shop windows throughout the war, with nearly a poster produced for every day of Russian involvement (1941-1945). Like an artistic journal, the posters (displayed here in chronological order) are especially interesting in the way the they track the progress of the war and the attitudes of their creators as the conflict progressed.

Preserve 4% of oceans to save sea mammals

Preserving just 4 percent of the ocean could protect crucial habitat for the vast majority of marine mammal species, according to researchers at Stanford University and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.Of the 129 species of marine mammals on Earth, including seals, dolphins, and polar bears, approximately one-quarter are facing extinction.