Cool House, Fat Wallet

Home solar power has many benefits that people can get behind, like keeping the world cleaner and being self-sufficient, but the price of solar panels is often far more than people can afford. One Block Off the Grid is an inspiring orgainization that specializes in organizing group deals on solar energy to help people go green. Here we bring you their interesting look at how solar can actually make sense financially, even while running the AC in the hot summer. Swing by One Block Off the Grid for more info.

From their website: “Since 2008, One Block Off the Grid has run hundreds of group deals in over 40 U.S. states and helped thousands of homeowners go solar. We’ve been featured in dozens of publications and programs including The New York Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Marketplace, Wired, and GOOD Magazine. In 2010, One Block Off the Grid sponsored the first-ever solar deal on and received a Heart of Green Award for “Best New Innovation.”


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  1. Compare Gas And Electricity

    This is an excellent infographic. It’s surprising how many more homes have central air conditioning. There are so many benefits to solar from an economic and environmental standpoint. I think that many of the solar companies need to make a better case as to the long-term savings that can be achieved. Then, if the government also provides stronger subsidies, we could become far more energy independent. It’s better that the money goes to green companies that are going to invest in one of the fastest growing sectors. If the money goes towards these companies, then there will be greater R & D spent on improving and making the technology more efficient.

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