A Tiny World of Nano Origami

Using just a toothpick to create her minuscule folds, German paper-crafter Anja Markiewicz makes what must be some of the smallest examples of origami around. Many of her tiniest paper cranes measure only 4mm across (check out those fingerprints for a sense of scale). For more info on Anja and her work, see her Flickr photos or buy jewelry made with the pieces at shop.faltsucht.de.

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Via: coroamagazine.wordpress.com

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  1. Bryan Aleshire

    Holy crap those are tiny – I am amazed! As an origamist I am impressed and intimidated. Nice work.

  2. Linda

    I do some origami jewelry, and would love to be able to get smaller figurines as well. This is amazing! Glad to see it is possible. (I am still new at it)

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